People riding the bus.

Metro Transit serves residential neighborhoods, the Isthmus, schools and universities, parks, places of business, shopping districts and entertainment venues in the greater Madison area.

All buses are accessible. Service animals are welcome. Paratransit service is available if you are unable to use fixed-route buses.


How to Ride

  1. Find Your Route

    Find your route, stop, and pickup time. Use our online route & schedule finder, or plan your trip on Google Maps.

    If you need a transfer, make sure you ask your driver! The driver will give you a transfer pass when you board using cash payment or a 10-Ride Card.

  2. Choose Your Fare

    Cash fares for adults are $2.00. Discount passes and fares are available for frequent riders, youth, seniors, people with disabilities, and low-income riders.

    Routes 80-84 on the University of Wisconsin campus are free!

  3. Catch Your Bus

    Get to your bus stop at least 5 minutes before the bus is scheduled to leave. Make sure your route number is listed on the bus stop sign.

    Get live departure times for your stop from third-party apps.

    When you see your bus approaching, give the driver a friendly wave to let them know you want to be picked up.

  4. Enjoy Your Ride

    Keep in mind our code of conduct and riding rules to make sure you and your fellow riders have a safe and comfortable trip.

  5. Exit the Bus

    Pull the yellow cord or use the touch strip signal one block before your exit. Listen for automated bus stop announcements, or ask your driver to assist you in unfamiliar areas.

    Remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop.

    Exit through the rear door. Push the door open when the light above the rear door is lit.