To promote the safety and comfort of our riders, the following rules have been established.

  1. Save front seats for senior citizens and people with disabilities.
  2. Make sure to hold handrails when boarding, walking, or standing inside the bus.
  3. No smoking (including vaping), eating, drinking or littering.
  4. Shoes and shirt required to board.
  5. Roller blades and/or roller skates are not allowed to be worn on buses or at transfer points.
  6. Use earphones when listening to portable devices. Earphones should be set at a level that won’t disturb other passengers.
  7. Do not stand in front of the yellow standee line at the front of the bus.
  8. No animals are allowed onboard, except service animals or caged pets that fit on your lap.
  9. No weapons are allowed of any kind (except those allowed by state law.)
  10. If bus is full, keep large items on your lap.
  11. Aisles must be kept clear. Large items must be stored under or between seats. Items that are too large to be stored out of the aisle are not allowed.
  12. Vulgar language, boisterous behavior and fighting are not allowed.
  13. Items of a dangerous nature are not allowed.
    These could include but are not limited to: flammable liquids; dangerous, toxic or poisonous substances; storage batteries; vessels containing caustic materials, chemicals, acids or alkalis; fishing rods which are not broken down or have unsecured or exposed hooks or lures; ski poles unless secured to skis or have tip covers; sheet glass and sharp objects.
  14. Do not have distracting conversations with drivers.
  15. Repeated or serious incidents of inappropriate conduct may lead to exclusion from transit service.

Review Metro's Code of Conduct/ Transit Exclusion Policy

Security Cameras

Please be aware Metro utilizes video surveillance to document events that occur on buses and at transfer points.

Review Metro's Security Camera Surveillance Policy