Less transfers. Easier to use. Metro is completely updating all routes and schedules on Sunday, June 11. Plan your trip!.

Have your pass or exact cash fare ready when boarding. Drivers are not able to make change. If your ride requires a transfer, please ask the driver for a free transfer pass upon boarding.

Routes 80 – 84 on the University of Wisconsin campus are free to students, employees, affiliates and visitors to the University.

Fares listed below valid on fixed-route buses only.

Adult $2.00
Youth $1.25
Senior / Disabled Fare* $1.00
Child (under 5, with chaperone) Free
2-4-6 Weekend/Holidays (buy from driver) $6.00
1-Day Pass (buy from driver) $5.00
31-Day $65.00
31-Day - Senior / Disabled* $32.50
31-Day - Reduced Fare (restrictions apply)* $28.00
Youth Pass (semester) $165.00
Youth Pass (school year) $315.00
Summer Youth* $35.00
10-Ride Cards
Adult $17.25
Youth* $11.25
Senior / Disabled* $10.00

*If requested, proof-of-eligibility must be provided for reduced fares. Medicare card holders are eligible for reduced fares.

Purchase Pre-Paid Fares