A Smarter Transportation Option

Metro Transit has a variety of commuter options for area businesses and organizations, including 31-Day Unlimited Passes, 10-Ride Cards, and our unlimited ride Commute Card.

These options are a great way to take advantage of tax benefits, provide a valuable service to your employees, and support a healthier, more sustainable environment!

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Why Implement the Program?


Choose between simple, prepaid passes or opt for our annual unlimited ride Commute Card pass for $1.40 per swipe.

Boost up Benefits Package.

Attractive employment benefit for current and prospective employees.

Eliminate Parking Hassles.

Alleviates on-site parking issues, particularly relevant in the downtown area.

Promote Sustainability.

Riding transit reduces traffic to support a more sustainable environment.

Save money.

Reduce expenses on commuting costs including gas, maintenance and repairs.

Pre-Tax Deductions.

Take advantage of pre-tax saving benefits through Commuter Choice.

Support Transit.

Encourages local public transportation use and support of your community.

How it Works

Employers can either choose to prepay for simple, ready to use 31-Day Unlimited Passes or 10-Ride Cards, or they can choose our Commute Card. This annual card provides unlimited rides and transfers for $1.40 each, to be billed post-use.

Commute Card Program

Post-billed at $1.40 per ride.

The Commute Card is an annual unlimited ride pass, where the only cost associated is the per ride fee of $1.40 (a 60¢ base fare savings per ride). Employees simply swipe the Metro Commute Card through the fare box each time they board a Metro bus.

Cards are now conveniently capped at $65.00 per month, so employees can continue to ride without ever paying more than a 31-day pass.

Each card is tracked per employee by a serial number. Every month your organization or business will receive an invoice showing the number of rides and cost per serial number for the previous month. Cards can be easily deactivated in case of an employee departure or loss of card. There are no minimum requirements in terms of usage or participants.

Cards are not eligible for transfers.

31-Day Unlimited Ride Pass

  • Cost of one pass or one month of unlimited transit: $65.00
  • Cost of 12 passes, or one year of unlimited transit: $780.00

These passes are active for 31-days after first use. Employers are encouraged to buy multiple months at a time to ensure employees always have access to transportation even after expiration. Rides are paid for prior to use.

#1-Day Pass with Madison Flag

10-Ride Cards

  • Cost of one pass or 10 commutes, roughly one week of transit: $17.25
  • Cost of one month or ~40 commutes: $69.00
  • Cost of one year of transit: $828.00

These passes do not expire and transfers are free. Employers are encouraged to buy multiple. Rides are paid for prior to use.

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A Win-Win for Employees and Employers!

Metro Transit’s Commute Card programs are a great way to take advantage of the Commuter Choice Tax Benefit Program, while providing a valuable cost-saving transportation service to your employees. The Federal Tax Code (Section 132(f) of the Internal Revenue Code) allows employers to offer their employees up to $280* per month for transit and vanpool.

Employees can set aside up to $280* per month pre-tax, and employers have three options as to how to administer transit benefits:

  1. The employer covers the full cost of the benefit.
  2. The employee pays for the transportation costs with pre-tax salary through payroll deduction.
  3. The employer and the employee share the cost of the benefit.

For questions regarding the implementation or administration of the Commuter Choice Tax Benefit Program, please consult with your current tax professional.

*For taxable years beginning in 2022, the monthly limitation under § 132(f)(2)(A) regarding the aggregate fringe benefit exclusion  amount for transportation in a commuter highway vehicle and any transit pass is $280.