Please call or email as soon as possible to report a lost item on the bus. All items are collected from buses at the end of the service day and are not available for pick-up until the next business day after 8:30 am. Before visiting the lost and found office in-person, please verify with Metro staff that your item has been found.

Lost & Found Office

Friendly Metro lost and found staff.

When reporting a lost item, please include:

  • Your name and a contact phone number
  • A description of the item - be specific!
  • The date, route, direction and approximate time you lost the item
  • Where you were sitting on the bus

Items are kept for two weeks. All unclaimed property is donated to St. Vincent de Paul.

... and don't forget your bike!

Lost bikes left on Metro bike racks are stored at the Metro Administration Office for two weeks. Unclaimed bikes are donated to Free Wheel Bikes.

Please Note

  • Metro Transit does not assume responsibility for items left on the bus.
  • Metro is unable to contact drivers regarding lost items during the course of the day.