Valid Fares

Fares are collected by the driver at the start of the trip. You must present a fare to ride. Cash fare has to be exact, as drivers cannot make change. Guests must pay a fare when riding, however, Personal Care Attendants (PCA) ride for free.

Cash $3.25
Convenience Tickets (Green or Gold) 1 per ride
Unlimited Ride Pass* Show upon boarding
Agency Fare Tickets (Blue) 1 per ride

*Those using an unlimited ride pass from their employer or institution must contact Metro with the pass type and serial number prior to using the pass as a valid fare.

Purchasing Convenience Tickets

Buy tickets at Metro's Administration Office, through the mail or online. Paratransit tickets are not available at Sales Outlets.

Paratransit convenience tickets are sold in booklets of six for $19.50 a book. A single green or gold ticket is valid for one paratransit ride. Riders can purchase up to six booklets at a time (a total of $117.00 for 36 tickets).

If you chose to buy your tickets through the mail, please note that it can take 8 to 10 business days for your tickets to arrive. Plan accordingly.