Road reconstruction is the most disruptive because the street has been evaluated and decided it needs the most improvement. Road reconstruction projects are streets with curb and gutter in poor condition along with poor pavements. The projects include complete replacement of curb and gutter, pavement and roadway base (gravel). Sidewalks in poor condition are also replaced as needed. Reconstruction photo example

They also include the replacement of at least one underground utility with the possibility of more.  The City underground utilities include sanitary sewer, water and storm sewer.  Some projects also include new storm sewer when none has existed prior in order to correct existing drainage and flooding issues.

All city streets are rated every two years and the pavement rating is used to help determine which streets are placed on the list.

The following items influence the scheduling of any specific area:

  • Very poor pavements
  • Storm sewer flooding, ponding and pavement icing issues
  • Failing water mains (numerous water main breaks)
  • Failing sanitary sewer (cracked pipes, sewage backups)
  • Traffic volumes
  • Need for improved pedestrian or bicycle facilities