Last Updated: 03/13/2023

Latest Update 

3/13/2023 Update: 
New maps are available for 2023 Crack Sealing and Chip Sealing. 

Project Overview 
City Engineering is responsive to public concerns about loose aggregate and dust associated with chip sealing. Steps to improve overall conditions during the project include: 

  • Placing signs to warn of loose aggregate
  • Providing inlet protection to reduce chance of aggregate washing into the storm sewer
  • Conducting multiple street sweepings with contractor and City crews

Crack Sealing

Chip Sealing

Chip Sealing

The Chip Sealing Program is designed to improve the quality of your street and delay the need for resurfacing or total reconstruction. Chip sealing is a cost effective preventative maintenance method used to extend the useful life of Madison's streets. It is intended for application on streets that are still in good condition, structurally sound and in need of little repair. The street is first sealed with an application of a binder in the form of an emulsion (asphalt and water). Then an application of aggregate or chips immediately follows.

Chip Sealing Criteria

The City of Madison Engineering Division rates streets every two years. Streets with a pavement rating of 6 or greater on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being a new street) are ideal for chip sealing. They may have recently constructed, resurfaced or reconstructed, crack sealed or patched. The goal of chip sealing is to extend the useful life of the street 30 years or more before additional resurfacing or full street reconstruction project is necessary. 

Chip Sealing Benefits

  • Chip sealing is eco-friendly. The City of Madison specifics the use of granite aggregate which is natural material. The aggregate is cleaned and graded to meet City specifications. The end product is a non-carcinogenic material that provides a new wearing surface and pavement sealer for Madison's streets.
  • Chip sealing is cost effective. Cost savings with chip sealing add up when compared with other road maintenance measures. 
    • Chip seal = $1.50 per square yard
    • Thin Overlays = $15 per square yard
    • Resurfacing = $25-$30 per square yard
    • Reconstruction = $60-$70 per square yard 
    • Chip sealing will save tax payers millions of dollars over the expected life of the street