The City or other private parties may have hired a surveyor to obtain information for an upcoming project. The City has surveyors create maps of the topography and various features of existing areas to help them plan with their designs. 

When the City starts a project, they will send out a surveyor to collect info into maps. They may need to know where important features are like trees, driveways, curbs, stormwater inlets or sanitary sewer manholes. Collecting this info digitally into maps help the City plan for the design of their project.  

A private party may do the same thing. A developer may survey an area as they prepare to design a new project.  A private utility like the electric company may survey an area to understand where their electric lines are with respect to other existing features in advance of a project to upgrade their facilities.  

One way to find out if a City project is planned in your area is by using the City projects page.