The process of repairs and reconstruction can be long or even short, depending on a number of factors. However, we understand it's disruptive, and we want to make sure you have all the resources you need to navigate construction season impacting you.

Chip and Crack Sealing

The City will seal streets to eliminate water from infiltrating the pavement section and causing damage.  Treatments include sealing cracks to using chips to seal the entire street surface  This type of project usually lasts a few weeks to a month, depending on the size.

Pavement Data

The City rates it’s streets every two years on a scale of 1 (very poor) to 10 (excellent).  The data is very useful to plan repairs. Use this interactive map to see history of different streets in the City.

Repair Request Program

If any resident wishes to request the City to evaluate a roadway, sidewalk or curb issue, they can submit a request.


The City will resurface streets to provide a new driving surface.  The process typically involves grinding off a few inches of pavement, and placing a whole new asphalt surface in its place.  The City may also elect to repair some curb and sidewalk issues during this project.  The City may also choose to replace some City utilities under the roadway (storm, sanitary, water) during this time.  This type of project usually lasts a month or two, depending on the size.

Road Reconstruction

After all less costly treatments like sealing, patching or resurfacing are no longer cost effective, the City may elect to reconstruct the road entirely.  That means the entire roadway is replaced including the pavement, the stone base under the pavement and the curb and gutter.  Sidewalk is usually spot replaced at this time.  City utilities (storm, sanitary, water) are typically replaced at this time as well.  These types of projects can last a few months or more depending on the size. Learn about road reconstruction, assessments and the City's communication strategy to connect with you for feedback.           

Sidewalk Repair Program

The City has projects each year to repair sidewalks. The City repairs sidewalks across the City on a ten year schedule.  Typically, two of the City’s 20 aldermanic districts are scheduled each year. Sidewalk may be repaired if a sidewalk square is broken, settled or has drainage issues.  Any potential tripping hazards will be repaired at this time.  If a resident wants to report sidewalk issues, report them to the City.

Street Patching

If a street has some localized areas of cracking, the City may elect to patch a certain area. Patching involves grinding off a portion of pavement and placing a new roadway surface in its place. Patching is performed in smaller segments rather than a full block like with the resurfacing program.