Course Description

Known as APM 3-5, the City's Prohibited Harassment & Discrimination Policy covers expectations for creating a discrimination-free workplace.

Harassment in the workplace can be a form of illegal employment discrimination. This workshop is designed to provide employees with a greater understanding of the City's APM 3-5 and the legal and social implications of discrimination in the form of sexual, gender, racial or disability-based harassment in the workplace. Emphasis will be placed on increasing sensitivity to what constitutes a problem and why an immediate, constructive response is important. The discussion will also focus on exploring good management practices and policies requiring the maintenance of an environment that is free of discriminatory harassment. 

Permanent City employees are required to take this training within 45 days of hire and every three years following.
If you are a Mandatory Reporter (Lead Worker, Supervisor, Manager, Department/Division Heads) or are an employee in the Mayor's Office, Department of Civil Rights, or Human Resources, please register for the Mandatory Reporter Training course instead. 

Year Prioritized Employees
2022: Metro, Engineering, Water, Traffic Engineering, Monona Terrace, Fleet, Assessor, Mayor, Clerk
2023: Police, Library, Parking Utility, IT, Attorney, Civil Rights, Human Resources, Common Council, Municipal Court
2024: Fire, Streets, Parks, CDA, Community Development, Planning, Building Inspection, Economic Development, PCED Office of Director

Presented by: Department of Civil Rights (DCR)

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