Last Updated: 01/03/2019

Reconstruct & Rehabilitate Paver Tiles

This contract is to reconstruct and rehabilitate paver tiles on grade along Olin Terrace walkway at Monona Terrace Community & Convention Center located at 1 John Nolen Drive. Remove and recycle existing paver tiles, recondition sand base coarse, and replace paver tiles with new tiles provided by Monona Terrace. The area of this project is approximately 6,900 square feet.

Planning and Design:  Complete
1st Advertisement of Bid:  Jan. 05, 2018
Bid Due Date:  Jan. 25, 2018
Construction Start Date:  March 05, 2018
Expected Completion:  May 07, 2018
LEED Goals:  Recycle existing paver tiles

Existing Terrace

Terrace View to Capital

Terrace Conditions 2018