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In March of 2020, the City Parking Utility implemented the curbside pickup-parking program to mitigate impacts from all-day parkers occupying a majority of on-street parking spaces while enforcement of meters and time-limit restrictions were suspended. This was a temporary program to provide short-term parking availability for delivery, loading, and customer pick-up by designating and enforcing short-term loading zones “curbside pickup” parking spaces while all other spaces allowed for free all-day parking.

The Parking Utility would like to remind businesses that:

  • Temporary curbside pick-up spaces are not dedicated spaces for exclusive use by any individual or business.
  • Spaces designated for curbside pick-up are public short-term loading/parking zones, and may be used by any member of the public, for any short-term parking, delivery, or loading purpose.
  • Businesses are not permitted to post dedicated signage, in the right-of-way, identifying curbside pick-up stalls for their business use only. Businesses are required to remove all such signage immediately.
  • All on-street parking restrictions and parking fees have been reinstated and enforced, with parking meters to provide turnover and availability of short-term parking spaces during daytime hours as they did previously.

The Parking Utility is developing options to address short-term parking needs during evening hours and Sundays when meters are not enforced. One near-term option is to add an evening restriction to some of the meters currently posted for curbside pickup. These metered spaces would have permanent signage posted with 20-minute time-limit restrictions that would be enforceable all day Sundays and every evening, from 6 PM to 8PM, or possibly later. More information on this will be shared once it is official.

The Parking Utility welcomes comments from area businesses regarding what specific spaces and how late into the evening short-term loading zones would be most beneficial to their operations. Please send comments to

Map showing curbside pick-up locations - locations are marked with red squares

UPDATE: The curbside pick-up program is due to conclude June 1, 2022.  All signage will be removed and those locations will return to original use.
Letter from the Parking Division

Additional Things to keep in mind:

The Transportation Office remains closed to walk-in services without an appointment.

  • The Transportation Division, Traffic Engineering and Parking, is now open by appointment only. Individuals are encouraged to wear their own face covering.
  • Walk-in services are not available. Learn more about scheduling an appointment through "No Wait Inside"
  • Park Smarter, a contactless mobile parking app to pay for meters, is available for public use!