CDD provides gap financing to affordable rental housing developments that will accomplish at least one of the following objectives:

  1. Increase the supply of safe, quality, affordable rental housing 
  2. Preserve existing income- and rent-restricted rental housing 
  3. Improve the existing rental housing stock through acquisition and rehabilitation

All developments funded by CDD must also ensure long-term affordability, while demonstrating high levels of environmental sustainability.

Funding Processes

CDD has several RFP processes that seek to support affordable rental housing developments. Information on project and applicant eligibility, funding sources, loan structure and terms is detailed in their associated webpages:

To see how the City's Rental Development programs works to increase opportunities for residents, visit the Housing Data Dashboard (coming soon!).

Affordable Housing Targeted Area Map

Below are links to printable and searchable versions of the Affordable Housing Targeted Area Map, which is used to direct City funds in support of development that is well-connected to public transit and other areas well-connected to neighborhood amenities. This map is updated prior to each annual funding cycle, and is created in alignment with other major City investments:

*Note: for optimal printing, please ensure that your printer paper settings are set to 11"x17". These are the default dimensions of the map.

Additional Resources

  • Zoning Map: This map displays the City of Madison's Zoning Districts, Local Historic Districts, Local Landmarks and Urban Design Districts and can be used to determine what properties are in a district(s).
  • Generalized Future Land Use Map: This map displays the City of Madison's Generalized Future Land Use from the Comprehensive Plan and can be used to determine what a property's future land use is.

  • Housing Forward: The City's housing agenda which includes a series of efforts to increase housing choice, create affordable housing, combat displacement and segregation, ensure seniors and others can stay in their homes, and the City’s efforts to end homelessness.