The City of Madison requires a Stormwater Connection Permit (use Permit to Excavate in the Right of Way) when either a direct connection to the public stormwater system is desired or when grading in or adjacent to a drainage easement is proposed. This permit is to ensure that any connections made are done so as not to reduce the integrity of the public stormwater system and any grading done in or near drainage easements does change or impede drainage that would result in damage to either private or public property.

Excerpt from Madison General Ordinance Chapter 37 Regarding Stormwater Connection Permits:

“No person shall do any work whatsoever for the purpose of connecting to the public stormwater system or existing building sewers or existing private sewers, or for the purpose of laying building sewers or private sewers, without first obtaining from the Administrative Authority a written permit to connect to the public stormwater system.

A stormwater connection permit shall also be required for any disturbance or addition on property adjacent to either a public or private non-exclusive drainage easement. Disturbances or additions shall include but shall not be limited to all grading, building additions, structures, sheds, garages, utility boxes, gardens and other landscaped features that may alter the drainage pattern on the site. A permit to connect to the public stormwater system shall be required for any of the above mentioned activities either within a public or private non-exclusive drainage easement or adjacent to said easement or on lands which drain to the public stormwater system.”

Process Overview

  1. Discuss with City Engineering

    Where to Go

    Engineering Division
    City-County Building

    210 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Room 115
    Madison, WI 53703

    Hours: Monday – Friday, 7:30 am – 4:30 pm

  2. Submit Application

    Submit application with plan to the Engineering Department for review. This may be a stand-alone review or part of a larger review depending on the proposed work and site improvements.

  3. Pay Fees

    Pay your permit fees at the location you submitted your application.

  4. Receive Permit

    Engineering will issue your permit.

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