The City of Madison Language Access Program provides access to City services for people whose primary language is not English. We are committed to improving accessibility for all. Members of the public have a right to request accommodations, translation, and interpretation services so they can meaningfully participate in all City services, programs, and activities.

The City’s Language Access Plan informs City of Madison staff, leaders, elected officials, and contracted vendors on policies, procedures, and practices for meaningful access to City services.

Services Provided

Over-the-Phone Interpretation
Video Relay Interpretation
Requesting Services

Types of Services

Translation means converting written materials from one language to another while keeping the intent and meaning of the original message.

Communication Access Real-time Translation (CART) provides access to spoken communication by using live captions. CART is available for in-person, hybrid, and virtual meetings.

Interpretation means converting one spoken language to another. Consecutive interpreters listen to the speaker, then relay the message in another language--a few sentences at a time--after the speaker has paused. Simultaneous interpretation happens in real time while the speaker is talking. Interpretation is available for in-person, hybrid, and virtual meetings. The Language Access Plan will help you determine what type of interpretation services are appropriate for a meeting or event. Please review the City of Madison Zoom Interpretation Feature Policy for information on which meetings allow for simultaneous and consecutive interpretation.

Over-the-Phone Interpretation is available in over 200 languages through LanguageLine Solutions. LanguageLine may be used anytime: a customer calls a City employee, an employee needs to call a non-English speaking customer, or an employee is assisting a customer in person (via speaker phone). See the language identification chart at each customer service counter for information about language access services.

Video Relay Interpretation is available on-demand via InSight and does not require scheduling. Video Relay Services are provided in 41 languages, including American Sign Language, via a smart device, computer or two-way video screen. Video Relay Services are used for shorter meetings between two or three people and may also be used when an in-person interpreter is not available. Reach out to to learn how to activate the InSight application.

Requesting Services

Use the links below to email our team.

When submitting requests, allow 12 business days for processing. Allow more time for long or complex requests. If  you have an expedited request, please let us know as soon as possible. Department of Civil Rights Language Access staff will respond within two business days.

Request Interpretation

  • Event title and City Agency involved
  • Date and duration of event/meeting
  • Language(s) needed

Request Translation

  • Name of document (or website link) and City Agency involved
  • Language(s) needed

Please refer to our Language Access Plan to learn more about our program and services. Should you have any questions or need support, please email or call (608) 266-4910.

Language Access Staff
Department of Civil Rights