File a complaint related to housing, employment, or public accommodation.

Complaint Register forms will be made available in accessible formats upon request and can be obtained by contacting us at or at the Department of Civil Rights at (608) 266-4910.

Complaint Register forms may be completed online or you may return it by mail to:

City of Madison, Department of Civil Rights
City-County Building
210 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Room 523
Madison, WI 53703

Next steps

  • The Civil Rights Department will issue a written decision detailing whether or not there has been a violation.
  • If there is a violation a remedy for the violation will be included along with a timetable for its completion.
  • The decision of the violation and the proposal for remedy will be delivered to the respondent and to the individual(s) making the complaint.
  • Both the complaint and the decision, are public records available to any person for review.