Rights of Tenants

Tenants have the right to: equal treatment on all terms and conditions of renting, to receive complete knowledge of conditions required to rent, and to see the exact rental unit. Tenants also have the right to use check-in/check-out forms regarding condition of the apartment. Tenants have the right to basic safety, weatherization and comfort as required by City and state laws; to adequate maintenance of the property; and to the return of any security deposit on time, minus any legal deductions.

Tenants have the right to report building code violations to City of Madison Building Inspection (608) 266-4551.

Responsibilities of Tenants

  • To provide accurate and complete prior tenancy information as requested
  • To provide credit references regarding credit record and the ability to pay.
  • To provide a security deposit, if required.
  • To pay the rent on time.
  • To maintain the unit in a reasonable fashion and to be responsible for any damage.
  • To allow access to the unit for needed repairs.
  • To provide adequate notice of the intent to move, as specified by lease or State law.
  • To allow the unit to be shown once notice of intent to move has been given.
  • To comply with all legal rules of conduct for tenants.