Providers' Rights

Housing providers have the right to:

  • receive complete, accurate and relevant information on the rental application.
  • maintain a waiting list.
  • check income and credit references.
  • check past housing references.
  • require a security deposit.
  • require that the rent is paid on time.
  • expect that the tenant will maintain the unit.
  • receive adequate notice of the intent to move.

Providers' Responsibilities

Housing providers have the responsibility to:

  • treat applicants and tenants in a fair and nondiscriminatory way.
  • provide clear, accurate and understandable information on conditions of the rental agreement.
  • show prospective tenants the unit they will actually occupy.
  • maintain accurate and complete check-in/check-out forms.
  • maintain the property in good condition as required by law.
  • respect the rights of tenants 
  • provide 24 hours notice before entering unless it is an emergency.