Alix Olson Award for the Promotion of a Tolerant and Just Community

Nominees should:

  1. Demonstrate leadership, innovation or initiative.
  2. Enrich the cultural fabric of a community through programming, events or personal example.
  3. Have had an impact or influence on our community or individuals in our community, by working to solve a specific problem related to hate crimes or hate groups, by raising awareness, or providing educational resources on the subject of hate and how to eliminate and overcome it.
  4. Have made a difference in our community by engaging in actions that contribute to a more tolerant and just community - regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, or other individual differences. In the words of Alix Olson, the goal should be "to create a community of mutual acceptance and equality."
  5. The work can be focused on any aspect of community life: education, neighborhoods, law enforcement, government, arts, communication, recreation, and persons can be awarded through their efforts at work or in a volunteer setting.
  6. Have not previously received this award.
  7. Currently not a member of the Alix Olson Award subcommittee of STAJOH.
  8. Impact of their work is felt in Dane County and/or South Central Wisconsin.