Flooding near East Washington after the August 2018 flood.
Flooding near East Washington after the August 2018 flood.


As a City, the past few years of extreme flooding has given support to progress toward being proactive toward resilient stormwater infrastructure. Below, see a list of a number of City initiatives proving the City of Madison is working to find solutions for those hit hardest in recent flooding. 

Watershed Studies

In the last few years and specifically on Aug 20, 2018, Madison and the surrounding areas have experienced extreme rain events. Most recently, the historic event in August 2018 resulted in extreme flash flooding and subsequent lake level rises and associated Isthmus flooding.

The flash flooding revealed widespread deficiencies in our stormwater system. To identify existing problems, develop solutions, and prioritize improvements, the City Engineering Division is conducting Watershed Studies. Eight priority watersheds were chosen for 2019, with more to be completed annually. Each watershed project has its own project page.  

Flood Mitigation Projects

Learn more about the work the City is doing to mitigate flooding.

City Development Standards

Learn about what requirements for development are in place to reduce flooding and keep our lake water clean.

Watershed Stewardship

Learn what you can do to reduce flooding and improve water quality.