Public Drop Off Site for Sandbags

Sandbag Disposal 

As you remove your sandbags, please note:

  • Do not place full sandbags into your refuse or recycling bins.
  • Do not place sandbags under leaf piles or inside leaf bags for yard waste crews.
  • The City is unable to enter private property to collect sand bags. Private property owners are responsible for locating sandbags to the terrace in front of their home prior to scheduled collection dates.

Alternatives to Curbside Collection

  • Store sandbags for future use. If your property was at risk of flooding during the flooding event, it is very possible your property will be at risk again. Be ready for the next flood event.
  • Cut open sandbags and spread the sand on your property. Throw the empty bags in the refuse.
  • Return sandbags to Streets East: 4602 Sycamore Ave.
  • Do not place sandbags out for collection at this time. 

Where to Place Sandbags When Collection is Underway

Correct Placement

Place sandbags on the grassy area between the sidewalk and the curb.

Place sandbags separate from leaf piles and refuse carts.

Incorrect Placement

  • Do not place sandbags in the street.
  • Do not place full sandbags into your refuse bins.
  • Do not place sandbags under leaf piles.
  • Collection crews will not collect sandbags on private property.
Do not place sandbags in leaf piles or in refuse carts.