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Mission, Goals, & Objectives

Fleet Service exists to make sure other City agencies and departments have the equipment they need to safely and efficiently serve our community. We buy and prepare for service all light- and heavy-duty vehicles used by the City, except those for Metro Transit and the Water Utility. We also track and complete preventative maintenance and repair for the vehicles in the City fleet, and we replace aging vehicles. Finally, we manage the fueling operations for the majority of the City fleet.

Fleet Service Organizational Chart

Employees of Fleet
Photo by C.D. Smith Construction, Inc.​


bolts and washers in binsOur Parts Technicians play a key role in making sure the City’s equipment is up and running at all times. When a vehicle comes in for maintenance and repair, our goal is to get it back in operating condition as quickly as possible. That partly depends on having necessary parts on-hand, ready to be installed when needed.

Our team of Parts Technicians maintains an inventory of hundreds of parts for all our equipment. We track everything to make sure we only keep parts on hand that can be used in our vehicles, and that we don’t run out of essential items. Our goal is to buy the most reliable parts at the best prices, and we work with a wide range of vendors to make that happen.

Maintenance & Repair

Preventive Maintenance Program

Do you know how often you should be servicing your car? The City's fleet has over 1,400 pieces of equipment. This includes a variety of vehicles:

  • Police squad cars
  • Parks maintenance trucks
  • Fire engines and ambulances
  • Streets recycling and waste trucks
  • Riding lawn mowers
  • And more!

Some pieces of equipment have many parts that need maintenance at different times. We use sophisticated asset management software to help us track the recommended maintenance intervals on all pieces of equipment in our fleet.

Heavy equipment repair
Fleet Technician Andy Kopmeyer works on a City vehicle.

As a vehicle refuels at one of the City's fuel sites, we record the odometer or engine hour meter and upload it into the asset management software. When the meter hits the next service interval benchmark (whether it is miles, hours, or length of time), the system alerts our Shop Office to bring the vehicle in for maintenance. With the upgraded fuel management program on most vehicles, we receive real-time meter readings to improve the efficiency of our maintenance program.

Repair Program

Welding mask

Sometimes a city vehicle is involved in an accident and needs emergency repair. The master auto body technician helps us tackle larger repair issues. We can also deploy our Fleet Mobile Truck to the site of a breakdown if the vehicle is not able to drive to a garage. When it is cost efficient, we work with a trusted network of private repair shops to help get our equipment back in service quickly.

Fleet Service Garages

  • Nakoosa Trail - the main Fleet Service maintenance and repair garage. Most major repairs are performed here.
  • West Badger Garage - located on the west side of Madison. Two technicians per shift work primarily on streets vehicles.
  • Engineering Garage - located within the Engineering department. One technician is stationed here to service the equipment used by Engineering. 


Delivering fuel

Fleet supports the main fuel sites used to refuel all the vehicles and equipment within the City's fleet. In total, we have ten fuel sites located across the city. We perform monthly inventory and inspections at all the fuel sites, and make repairs as needed. We also order all fuel deliveries, including regular gasoline, diesel, and biodiesel.

The fuel program is an important piece of the preventive maintenance program at Fleet. When equipment refuels, we record the vehicle's odometer or engine hour meter and upload it into our asset management software. As the meter reaches a certain point, the system alerts our team that the vehicle needs maintenance.

Refueling Sites

We provide ten refueling sites across the city for our equipment. Widespread fueling stations help make City services more efficient, and reduce emissions of the City fleet.


Heavy equipment vehicles at Fleet garage

When we remove a piece of equipment from service for whatever reason, we offer the equipment for sale to the public. People and organizations that buy the equipment know they are getting a well-maintained unit at a lower price. We work with a variety of auction services to put the equipment up for sale, including: