100% Renewable Madison Report - Front Cover

Our Clean Energy Future

How we produce and use energy has big impacts on the climate. Transitioning away from fossil fuels while also reducing energy waste are critical strategies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Using clean, renewable energy like solar, geothermal, and wind energy to power homes, businesses, and city facilities is good for our climate, our health, and our economy.

Completed in 2018, the 100% Renewable Madison report provides a scienced-based plan for reaching our energy goals for City operations and guidance for supporting renewable energy community-wide. It was based on this analysis that the City set the goal of reaching 100% renewable energy and net zero emissions for City operations by 2030 and community-wide by 2050 by following the strategies outlined in Scenario 3 of the report.

Reaching these goals requires a community-wide effort - we all have a part to play in creating a clean energy future for our community. Key actions include making our buildings more energy efficient, transitioning to clean renewable energy, and making climate-friendly transportation choices. Explore the links below to learn how the City is supporting these actions.


Buildings account for 47% of Madison's total greenhouse gas emissions, with 30% coming from commercial buildings and 17% coming from residential buildings. Because of the significant contribution of greenhouse gases from buildings, the City is accelerating our efforts to decarbonize new and existing buildings by improving energy efficiency, expanding renewable energy, and electrifying building systems.

Renewable Energy

Learn how the City is using renewable energy to power our buildings, charge our vehicles, and provide workforce training through our GreenPower program. Also find out how you can take part in the renewable energy transition through the MadiSUN program and our handy "How to Go Solar" step-by-step guide.


The transportation sector is responsible for 41% greenhouse gas emissions in Madison. From electric Bus Rapid Transit to bike paths and expanded EV charging, Madison is working hard to decarbonize our transportation system and make it easy for everyone to get around town without a car.