Senior Couple

Free Membership

We offer free membership to all Madison area adults age 55 and older. Members will receive an ID card with a bar code to sign in for activities. Registering takes as little as 30 seconds! 

How Do I Register?

1. Fill out the Participation Form
2. Stop by our front desk to turn in your form and receive your ID card!

Will My Information Be Kept Private?

All of our members’ personal and attendance information is kept strictly confidential. Information gathered from our barcode scanning system is numeric only, and viewed in aggregate groups. This information helps us gather essential data on the Senior Center and maintain our funding.

Do Members Pay Program and Event Fees?

Yes. Although many of our activities are offered for free, there are fees for some of our Programs and Events. If the fees are an obstacle to your participation, please visit our Senior Scholarship page for more information. All financial assistance requests are kept confidential.