Starting at 6:30 a.m. on Monday August 7, 2023 residents in the downtown moving days area can place trash and recycling collection carts out for daily pickup.

On every weekday starting Monday, August 7 through Thursday, August 17, 2023 Streets Division crews will empty collection carts within the downtown moving days area.

If you are in the downtown moving days area and moving out of your apartment in the days ahead, please use this opportunity to fill and re-fill your collection carts again and again during this daily collection window.

Using carts, and using them correctly and often makes Streets Division collection during the move out faster and safer for everyone. Plus, using the carts appropriately keeps our city looking cleaner, and prevents piles of loose garbage stacked up along the street.

Guidelines for Trash Collection

  • Put trash inside the tan refuse cart.
  • Place trash that cannot fit in the carts into trash bags. Do not pile garbage loose on the ground.
  • Do not put trash in cardboard boxes. Boxes are recyclable. When you stuff garbage into them, those boxes are wasted and go to the landfill.
  • Keep your trash and recycling separated from each other.

Guidelines for Recycling Collection

  • Place only appropriate recyclables into the green cart.
  • Keep the recycling lid closed when out for collection. Rainwater damages paper inside.
  • Excess recyclables at the curb should be placed into clear bags. The bags must be clear, otherwise they will be considered trash at the recycling sorting facility.
  • Do not pile recyclables loose on the ground.
  • Flatten and bundle cardboard boxes for recycling. Do not stuff cardboard boxes inside a larger box.
  • Keep your recycling separated from the trash.

Guidelines for Using the Carts

  • Make sure your carts remain accessible so the trucks can lift and empty them.
  • Leave the collection carts at the rental property. Do not take them. The carts belong to the City and must remain for the new tenants.

Drop-off Sites
Residents that have more recycling or trash than can fit into the carts can bring the excess to a Streets Division drop-off site.

Residents can bring one load a day of refuse, recycling, large items, or the other items accepted at the drop-off site.

The single load cannot be larger than what would fit into a standard pick-up truck bed or small single-axle trailer. Loads larger than those guidelines will be denied access.

Learn the locations, hours, and restrictions of the drop-off sites at

Additional Information
If there are questions, all residents are encouraged to contact the Streets Division.

Residents who live east of S. Park Street, and that includes the isthmus, should call 608-246-4532.

Residents west of S. Park Street, and that includes the neighborhoods around Camp Randall, should call 608-266-4681.

Additional information can also be found on the Streets Division’s Moving Days website, the Streets Division’s electronics recycling website, and the Recyclopedia.

Don’t forget to watch and share the Streets Division’s YouTube video on how to have a fast and safe move out.