A monthly parking permit guarantees parking availability for the permit holder in the garage or lot, even if the lot is "full".  There are no assigned parking stalls, permit holders should park in any legal stall in the lot or garage.

Monthly parking permits require a minimum of a 30 day agreement, except for State Street Campus Garage which requires a 90 day agreement for the 24/7 permit.

A written cancelation notice, to the Parking Utility Office at least 30 days in advance of the date you wish to discontinue participation in the monthly parking program, is required for all garages and lots. The notice may be completed in person or sent to MonthlyParking@cityofmadison.com. All issued cards and hangtags must be returned within 15 business days of termination.

Permit Types:

  • Monthly Daytime parking permits are valid in most facilities from 4:00 am – 10:00 pmMonday – Friday.
  • Unlimited 24/7 permits which allow parkers unlimited access to a chosen parking garage.
  • Monthly Overnight parking permits are valid in most facilities from 6:00 pm – 7:00 am, 7 days a week.

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Resident vs. Non-Resident Rates

The resident rate is available only to people who live in the City of Madison. A City of Madison home address is required to qualify as a resident; a work address in the city does not qualify a person for the resident rate. The non-resident rate applies to businesses and non-city residents.

How to Obtain a Monthly Permit

To obtain a monthly parking permit, MonthlyParking@cityofmadison.com, at the Parking Division Office to begin the process.
When contacting our office to obtain this pass, please include the following information:
*If the following information is not included in your email, there will be a delay in application processing

  1. When you want to start this pass. (Please contact our office within 10 days of the date on which you wish to start parking; permits will not be held for parkers who wish to start at a later date.)
  2. The type or permit that you are interested in
    • Weekday - (valid Mon-Fri, 4 am - 10 pm - no nights or weekends)
    • 24/7
    • Overnight (valid 7 days a week, from 6 pm to 7 am)

Applicable forms will be sent to complete and email back from the information provided above.

Once the paperwork is complete and the permit is ready, you will be instructed to sign up for an appointment to pick-up your permit in person. The applicant must be present at the time the pass is collected.

Office hours for monthly permitting are Monday – Friday, from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm
Any further questions call 608-266-4761.

Waiting List

If the location you are looking for is not currently available, please send a formal request to MonthlyParking@cityofmadison.com, to be added to the waiting list. Include the following information: Name, phone number, email address and the location you would like a permit for.

*Please note: The wait list for South Livingston Street garage is currently full.  We are not presently adding names to that list.


Payment for the first month must be made before receiving the monthly permit card.

Please Note: We cannot accept credit card payments over the phone or online.

Monthly payments are due by the last business day of each month, for the following month, and can be completed several ways:

  1. A Credit Card Authorization Form is available for individual parkers who would like to setup Auto Pay Credit Card Transactions. This will allow your payment to process automatically at the end of each month.
  2. Mail the payments to the Parking Division Office. Please make sure that you allow enough time for the payment to arrive prior to the due date.