Archived News: This news release is more than one year old and may include outdated information.

The annual August Moving Days ritual in downtown Madison will begin soon. On top of packing, hauling, and saying goodbyes, the 20,000-plus Madison residents shuffling apartments soon will need to decide just what to do with all their unwanted stuff.

In the days ahead, the Streets Division will be providing more information so those on the move can be sure they know how to manage all the trash and recyclables they will generate.

But why wait when you can start today?

Start Today
Identify what can, and cannot, be donated to any of the Madison-area thrift stores.

Use your upcoming scheduled collections and the drop-off sites to begin disposing of what cannot be used again.

And take time to learn about all the August moving days rules and changes to services to be sure you’re ready when the move out comes.

Why does this August move-out matter?
Around August 15, many leases in downtown Madison expire, and roughly 20,000 people begin moving out of their homes at the exact same time.

That’s equivalent to the entire population of the City of Middleton moving out simultaneously.

And every year, the move out generates over 1 million pounds of garbage that Streets Division crews work hard to collect.

It is a large operation and it can be fast and safe for everyone when collection rules are followed.

Additional Information
More information about the August Moving Days, and how the Streets Division operations will work during the move out, can be found at