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CDD supports educators to handle challenging behaviors and to use strategies that teach children how to recognize and regulate emotions, problem solve, make friends, and find joy in their early learning years.

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Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation (IECMHC) services:

IECMHC is an intensive service aiming to build the capacity of Early Care and Education providers to support the development of young children’s social and emotional skills while preventing the use of suspension and expulsion. Increased social and emotional competencies provide children with essential skills needed to not only be successful in early care and education programs but in future academic settings, and throughout life. 

The IECMHC program uses evidence and experience-based practices centering services around equity and inclusion with a strong focus on relationships. Working collaboratively with ECE staff, child care specialists and community agencies, tiered levels of support are provided to meet the unique needs of each program, classroom, child and their family.

IECMHC Impact:


  • Greater gains in social and emotional competencies
  • Decreased challenging behaviors
  • Maintain enrollment in child care program 


  • Confident and capable to address challenging behaviors
  • Better understanding of social emotional development
  • Lower levels of stress


  • Improved family/educator communication
  • Increased parenting skills
  • Access to supporting mental health services and/or other referral services Program:
  • Reduced staff turnover
  • Improved program quality and classroom climate

What IECMHC looks like:

Consultation is individualized to each program and their specific needs. Often during IECMHC one or more of the following activities is used:

  • Observation, screening, and assessment
  • Resource sharing
  • Coaching support
  • Program policy and procedure support
  • Training with implementation coaching
  • Community referral assistance

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Pyramid Model Work

Congratulations to Child Development Lab, Leap Academy, and University Houses Preschool for taking part in Wisconsin’s 19th cohort to launch Pyramid Model program-wide implementation! Program–wide implementation of the Pyramid Model is a systemic effort within a program to strive for fidelity in programmatic and classroom practices that intentionally support the social and emotional development while supporting equitable outcomes for young children and their families. Leadership teams guide the implementation process using data to make decision, coaching to support adults to apply skills and strategies. We admire your dedication and commitment to this work and look forward to being your partner throughout the journey.

Pyramid Model ParticipantsWisconsin Pyramid Model Launch

Child Development Lab Pyramid Model Launch
Child Development Lab Launch

Leap Academy Staff
Leap Academy Launch

University Houses Preschool Staff
University Houses Preschool Launch