The Madison Equal Opportunities Commission "Digest of Discrimination Cases" is designed to assist the public in general and the legal practitioner in particular. It is intended to help direct interested persons to the full text of decisions in cases brought under Section 39.03, Madison General Ordinances, the Equal Opportunities Ordinance. In addition to being useful in the hearing and settlement processes, it is also intended to assist in the prevention of discriminatory practices.

Those interested in cases decided under state discrimination laws may wish to consult the Equal Rights Decision Digest, published by the Equal Rights Division of the State of Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development.

How to Use the Equal Opportunities Commission Digest

The Equal Opportunities Commission Digest is an informational reference tool designed to inform the reader of agency (Examiner and Commission level) and court decisions and other pertinent information regarding discrimination cases under Section 39.03, Madison General Ordinances.

The reader is cautioned that the case summaries are not intended as official EOC interpretations. Rather, the Digest is a guide for directing the reader to the full text of pertinent cases. These may be examined in the EOC offices or obtained for the cost of copying.

Key abbreviations used in the digest citations are as follows:

  • Atty. Gen. Op. = Wisconsin Attorney General Opinion
  • Comm. Dec. = Equal Opportunities Commission Decision
  • Ct. App. = (Wisconsin) Court of Appeals
  • Dane Cir. = Dane County Circuit Court
  • Ex. Dec. = Examiner's Decision
  • MEOC = Madison Equal Opportunities Commission
  • Ordinance = Section 39.03, Madison General Ordinances (the Equal Opportunities Ordinance)
  • Wis. Sup. Ct. = Wisconsin Supreme Court