The Sanitary Sewer Utility operatives numerous programs to ensure the system is fully functioning.  Property owners can do their part to help ensure the system continues to stay in good working order.

Do Not Put Down the Drain

Learn about a full list of things that do not go down the drain in your home. You may be surprised with some of the items on the list!

Fats, Oils and Grease

These pipe cloggers can cost you if you don't take them seriously as they coat and plug your pipes. Learn all about them on this page.

Homeowner Responsibility

If your pipe breaks or clogs, depending on where it is could cost you. Know what portion of the sanitary sewer system you are responsible for and what portion the City is responsible for.

How the Sanitary Sewer Works

When wastewater leaves your home, it has to go somewhere. Learn where it goes, how it gets treated and the impacts it has on our community.

How to Use the Sewer

Knowing what you CAN put down the drain is just as important as learning what you can't. Learn about good use of your sewer to prevent backups.

Sewer Backups

They're messy, hazardous and sometimes costly. Learn what to do when you have to make quick decisions if a sewer backup happens at your home.

Toilet Blow-Ups: Vactor by Your Home

You may see a big green vactor truck by your home, and that's a good thing! That means our Engineering crews are cleaning the public sanitary sewer near you as part of our preventative maintenance program. However, sometimes unexpected toilet blow ups or backflows happen. Learn more about them and what to do to prevent them.

Warranty Information

Learn about how to protect yourself financially from issues with your sanitary sewer pipes.