Last Updated: 08/29/2023

Project Update


Phase One construction has begun. During this phase, Orchard Drive at the stormsewer crossing will close for a few days to complete these improvements. During the brief closure, residents will have access to their driveways. Residents will receive a mailing about seven days before work starts in the street notifying them.

Oak wilt has been found at Robin Greenway, the city is taking the following course of action:

  • Treating three oaks that are healthy with a preventative fungicide
  • Removing the two existing oak trees that are infected as recommended by the City Forester. Oak wilt has been determined as a public nuisance and removal is codified in MGO 23.40. The trees for removal are 1537 and 1584.
  • We have asked for Tree Health Management to identify a long term plan for treating and eradicating oak wilt on our property. We don’t know exactly what this looks like, but will update you when we have more information.
  • We will revise the plans for spring planting to remove oak trees while we treat the existing oak wilt.

Project Overview

The 2023 Capital Budget adopted a Finance Committee Amendment to fund design and construction for work on the Robin Greenway. This budget amendment includes design and construction to replace the culvert at Orchard Street. It also includes restoration work within the drainage way greenspace to address concerns related to erosion, slope stabilization, tree impacts, access, restoration and long term maintenance of this public property. The City recognizes that this space provides multiple benefits to the community as part of our storm infrastructure. The design process will incorporate public engagement to address community concerns related to tree health, access, vegetation while improving the environmental conditions to minimize erosion, address stormwater impacts and manage long-term vegetation goals. It is important to the City that this space is reflective of shared goals to manage urban ecosystems that serve multiple community and environmental benefits.

Staff met with neighborhood volunteers on July 11th to discuss and identify native and invasive species that the neighborhood could assist with removing. Several neighborhood members attended along with City staff and coordinated next steps for removing invasive species to enhance the woodland understory planting.

Phase One work includes the construction of storm sewer improvements, vegetated path, and tree removals discussed at PIM 2 and at the site walk through with the neighborhood.

Phase Two of the project will be bid this fall and will include installation of trees, shrubs, native seeding, and ecological restoration to restore native understory plants and establish new woodland plants. Phase Two is still in design, but will reflect the design as presented at PIM 2, the site walkthrough with the neighborhood.

Project Schedule

Phase One Construction - Begins August, ends in January.
Phase Two Construction - Begins February, spring planting, landscape and ecological maintenance will continue until 2025.

Public Involvement

There are a number of points of contact during this project where the public is encouraged to give feedback as part of public information meetings and public hearings. Dates, times and locations will be posted once determined.

Public Information Meetings

The City held the following meetings:

Below is a summary of public engagement from the Public Information Meetings on March 14th and April 11th.

City Process, Meetings


Letter: Robin Greenway Kickoff Meeting and Listening Session Invite
Letter:  Robin Greenway Design Workshop
Letter:  Robin Greenway Start Work

Additional Information 

Tree Location Map

Tree Inventory by Tag 
Tree Removal Permit Request to City Forestry
Tree Removal Plan
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Final Design Presented to Community Members on April 11, 2023
Ecological Restoration in Stormwater Ponds and Greenways Story Map