Last Updated: 08/18/2023

Project Update

8/18/2023 Update:
Thank you to everyone who joined us for the Aug. 17, 2023 Public Information Meeting. The meeting materials are now available: 
Aug. 17, 2023 Public Information Meeting Recording
Aug. 17, 2023 Public Information Meeting PowerPoint Presentation 

Project Overview

Our Bikeways contract is meant to cover small improvements and repairs to the city bike network. The four projects below have been identified by planners and residents as crucial missing links for bike accessibility, safety, and comfort.

  • UW Arboretum Entrance: This is a 10’ shared use path connecting Manitou Way with McCaffrey Drive, which is the western entrance to the UW arboretum. This project is contingent on the granting of an easement from the University of Wisconsin. It includes an RRFB pedestrian crossing.

  • Odana Road Cycletrack: This is primarily an on-street, two-way protected cycletrack on the south side of Odana Road from Wedgewood Way to Charles Lane, where it connects with a spur of the Southwest Commuter Path. This project is adjacent to the Odana Hills Golf Course. It includes new curb and gutter and limited pavement replacements near Wedgewood Way as well as the Southwest Commuter Path spur.
  • Lakeside Cycletrack: This is an off-street, two-way cycletrack on the south side of Lakeside St connecting two sides of the Bay Creek Neighborhood in south Madison. It includes the removal of parking on the block, pavement replacement, and new curb and gutter. This project has been discussed in a public informational meeting for 2022 Bikeways.
  • Elver Park Path: This is a repair of an existing path in Elver Park between McKenna Boulevard and South Gammon Rd., and a section of the Greentree Park Path north of McKenna Boulevard. This project will include a new culvert at the north end of the path to improve drainage.

Project Limits

  • UW Arboretum Entrance: On the east side of Seminole Highway between Manitou Way and McCaffrey Drive.
  • Odana Road Cycletrack: On the south side of Odana Road between Wedgewood Way and Charles Lane.
  • On the south side of Lakeside Street between Gilson Street and Rowell Street
  • In Elver Park between McKenna Boulevard and South Gammon Rd

Project Schedule

Design: 2023

Construction: 2024

Public Involvement

There are a number of points of contact during this project where the public is encouraged to give feedback as part of public information meetings and public hearings. Dates, times and locations are indicated below:

Public Information Meetings 

Aug. 17, 2023 Public Information Meeting Recording

Aug. 17, 2023 Public Information Meeting PowerPoint Presentation

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Si necesita un intérprete, un traductor, materiales en formatos alternativos u otros arreglos para acceder a este servicio, actividad o programa, llama Mario Galindez en el departamento de ingenieria municipal inmediatamente a (608) 266-4095.

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City Process, Meetings

Board of Public Works: Sept. 20, 2023

Common Council: Oct. 3, 2023