The course begins July 12, 2023 at 6:30pm

In April of 2023, a sort of the recyclables collected by the Streets Division revealed that 18.6% of what is placed into our green recycling carts is material that shouldn’t be in there.

By placing material into the recycling cart that doesn’t belong in there, it hurts the overall system by increasing costs to dispose of the trash. The wrong material can tangle around equipment, causing breakdowns, and the wrong items can even be dangerous to the people who work at the sorting facilities and it can lead to serious fires.

You can learn what you can put in the recycling cart at your home by visiting our website, or picking up your copy of our Recyclopedia from your local library.

But how can you help your neighbors recycle better?

Here’s one way you can help: take the Recycle Better course.

The Recycle Better Course
Sustain Dane, in partnership with the City of Madison is offering a two-night course to not only to teach you how and why it’s important to Recycle Better, but it gives you the tools to help our community recycle better as well.

The first session of the course begins at 6:30pm via Zoom on July 12, 2023. You can register on the Sustain Dane website.

During the course, the presenters will cover all the dos, don’ts, and whys about recycling, and also answer questions you may have.

Course Details
The course is two sessions of 90 minutes apiece. People enrolled should attend both sessions. Sustain Dane charges a small tuition of $15, but scholarships are available.

The spots fill up quickly, so sign up today.

Upon conclusion of the course, you will be asked to perform an outreach project to share the recycling knowledge you have gained. Past projects ranged from newsletters to workplace presentations to neighborhood social media posts to presentations to a video a grandmother made with her grandchildren and shared with her family and friends. The project will really be up to you to decide how to best share it.

“Recycle Better” is the new name of the course formerly called the “Master Recycler” program.  If you have taken the "Master Recycler" course before, the "Recycle Better" course is the same program.

Additional Information
For more information about the City of Madison Streets Division’s recycling program, please visit

For more information about Sustain Dane and all of the classes and services they provide, visit