The annual August Moving Days for downtown Madison will soon get underway.

On top of packing, hauling, and saying goodbyes, thousands of Madison residents changing homes within the downtown moving days area will need to decide just what to do with all their stuff.

In the days ahead, the Streets Division will be providing more information so everyone on the move will know the right thing to do with their materials.

Make a Plan
Preparing for a move can be a lengthy process, so there’s no reason to wait to the last minute.

You can start today by identifying the items that are needed for your new home, and the items you no longer need.

Donate Usable Items
From the items you no longer need, please donate the usable items to one of the many Madison-area thrift stores.

Some thrift stores will come to your home to collect items, and some will do so at no cost. You just need to contact them to arrange the collection.

The Streets Division website lists some of the thrift store and other donation or resale opportunities available.

By donating or reselling your usable items, you are ensuring they get used again by people who need them and you will not contribute unnecessary waste to our community’s landfill.

Items That Cannot be Donated
Use your upcoming scheduled collections and the drop-off sites to begin disposing of what cannot be used again.

Be sure you are following the rules regarding large item collection and the work order system.

Why does the August Moving Days matter?
Around August 15 each year, most leases in the student moving area in downtown Madison expire.

According to the University of Wisconsin, 35,000 UW students live in the neighborhoods around campus.

That’s roughly equivalent to the entire population City of Sun Prairie, Wisconsin all moving out simultaneously.

And every year, the move out generates over 1 million pounds of garbage that Streets Division crews work hard to collect, much of it by hand.

It is a large operation.

But it can be fast and safe for everyone when collection rules are followed.

Additional Information
More information about the August Moving Days, and how the Streets Division operations work during the move out, can be found at