Archived News: This news release is more than one year old and may include outdated information.

While staff is making great progress on the issues detailed in the last news release regarding the temporary closure of the Wilson Street Garage, the Parking Division would like to share some additional information about processes for the duration of the garage closure.

Important details for anyone who regularly uses the Wilson Street Garage:

  • Monthly pass holders and City fleet vehicles will have the ability to use their pass cards at State Street Capitol garage, Overture Center Garage, Capitol Square North Garage and Brayton Lot – beginning today through the conclusion of the closure. The pass cards are programmed to temporarily work at those listed locations.
  • Any vehicles that are currently parked in the Wilson Street garage can exit - though they will need to move the barricade to leave, or press the help-line to have a Parking staff respond and do so for them. Payment or use of their monthly pass card will still be required.
  • Sand was spread over icy areas to reduce slipping concerns for patrons collecting their vehicles.
  • Vehicles will not be allowed to enter – the exhaust fans are currently turned off so as not to continue to pull in freezing air into the garage and allow some softening/melting of the ice. CO is a concern if we were to allow vehicles to continue to enter while exhaust fans are off.

The Parking Division is asking downtown residents, businesses and visitors to use alternate garages for the duration of this closure. You can locate the garages and rates nearest to your destination by visiting the departments Garages and Lots webpage.

For additional information on City of Madison Parking Division, please visit the department webpage. We will continue to update our page with the ongoing details as the days proceed.