Archived News: This news release is more than one year old and may include outdated information.

This summer from June 14, 2022 until September 27, 2022 you will be able to drop off certain food scraps at two neighborhood farmer’s markets.

In order for this program to be a success, you must bring the correct food scraps. Not everything that could possibly be composted is accepted in this program.

What Food Scraps Are Allowable at the Market Drop-off Locations
You will be allowed to bring food scraps that would be acceptable for backyard composting. The list includes:

  • Raw fruits, including peelings, cores, etc.
  • Raw vegetables, including peelings, husks, etc.
  • Coffee grounds
  • Grains and Rice
  • Eggshells

Food Scraps and Other Material That Are NOT Accepted at the Market Drop-off Locations
While these items may be compostable in other systems, they are not acceptable in the small-scale farm composting operation that will be will be receiving food scraps from the drop-off.

  • All meat & bones (including fish and shellfish)
  • Food products cooked with oil
  • All dairy products
  • Paper products, including bags
  • Compostable plastics, including compostable bags & compostable tableware
  • Produce stickers, twist ties, etc.
  • Pet waste & diapers

Other material like metal, glass, and plastic are not accepted as they cannot be composted.

Carrying Food Scraps to the Market
You do not need to use a specific container to carry food scraps from your home to the food scraps drop-off at the farmers market. You can repurpose an empty coffee can, or purchase a container specifically for the task.

At the farmer’s market sites, you will be emptying your food scraps into a container at the booth accepting scraps.

The best choice will be a small container with a snug fitting lid you can store near the food prep area of your home, perhaps under the sink or on the countertop. This will make compiling and storing your food scraps easy until time to take them to the market for drop-off. Keeping the food scraps covered will also help prevent fruit flies.

Additional Details
More details about neighborhood markets hosting food scraps recycling this year can be found at the Streets Division’s website.