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Collection scheduled to begin the week of April 3

The Streets Division’s springtime yard waste collection will begin the week of April 3 for certain neighborhoods.

Learn when to set out your yard waste for pickup by visiting the Streets Division website,

Once on the page, enter your address into the form to learn the spring set-out dates for your home.

By placing yard waste out for pickup on the dates on the website, you will not miss your collection opportunities and the yard waste will not sit on the terrace for very long.

Why are all the dates on the website Sundays?
The date given on the website is the day when you should set out yard waste for pickup.

Crews will be collecting yard waste from your neighborhood during the normal work week following the set-out dates you see on the site.

By placing the yard waste out on the date given on the website, your material will be out on time and will only sit on the terrace for one week at most. If you choose to place material out after your set-out date, you may miss your collection opportunity.

How many collection opportunities will there be?
Madison residents get two curbside collection opportunities for yard waste in the spring.

After the second collection, curbside collection will stop.

There is no curbside yard waste pickup during the summer months.

Curbside yard waste pickup will return in the fall. The start of the fall leaf collection season will be announced at a later time.

How do you set out yard waste for collection?
Place the leaves and yard waste at the street edge or on the terrace. Do not place yard waste into the street.

Keep the material at least four feet from obstructions where possible. Obstructions like street signs, utility poles, mailboxes, trees, and parked cars slow collect.

If you choose to bag your yard waste, please choose compostable paper leaf and lawn bags, and keep them open so crews can see what is inside. If you choose to use other bags, that is acceptable. You will also need to keep them open, but keep in mind that crews may need to rip or slice open these bags to get the yard waste out, and they will need to leave the split bags behind at the curb.

Drop-off Sites
The Streets Division drop-off sites will also accept yard waste.

Drop-off site locations are changing this spring.

Drop-off site hours are also changing.

Go to the Streets Division’s drop-off site website to learn the drop-off site most convenient to your home, and the hours of that facility.

The drop-off site page is

More Information
Additional information about Streets Division services can also be found at