Streets Division crews will collect pumpkins along with your leaves and other yard waste materials. This includes other compostable decorations like corn stalks and hay.

Remove any non-compostable items from your decorations like wire, tea candles, or electric lights and then please set them on top of your leaf pile or leaf bags.

When to Set Pumpkins & Other Yard Waste Out for Collection
Use the Streets Division’s yard waste website to learn when to set the material out for pickup.

The website is

You can use either the online form, or the lookup map to learn the exact dates when you should set out your leaves and yard waste for pickup in your neighborhood.

Remember, residents only receive three curbside collections in the fall. Some neighborhoods have already received two of the three collection opportunities for this season, too. Be sure you check the website so you do not miss your collection opportunities.

Drop-off Sites Also an Option
City of Madison residents may also bring their pumpkins and other yard waste material to one of the Streets Division’s drop-off sites.

The sites hours and locations are different this year than in years past.

The hours and locations will change to winter availability following the Thanksgiving holiday.

Check the Streets Division’s drop-off site website so you know the hours of operation and restrictions for using the sites. The website is

Try Composting at Home
If you are a home composter, or you would like to start, you can spice up your backyard compost bin with pumpkins, too.

Pumpkins are a great source of nitrogen, and a good way to offset carbon from fallen leaves.

Check the Streets Division’s website to learn more about how to start home composting,  Paper guides about home composting are also available from your local City of Madison public library branch.

For Additional Information
For more information about all of the services provided by the Streets Division, check our website, Or you can call our offices between 7:30am and 4:00pm Monday to Friday. If you live west of South Park Street, you can call 608-266-4681. If you live east of South Park Street, you can call 608-246-4532.