Archived News: This news release is more than one year old and may include outdated information.

You only need to use the work order system if the item you are dropping off requires a fee

Starting on May 28, 2021, the Streets Division’s new work order system for large items will be available for the public to use.

If you are taking items to a drop-off site, you will need to use the work order system to purchase recycling fee stickers for items that require one. For example, if you are recycling a television, you will need to use the work order system to purchase your recycling fee sticker before you bring the television in for recycling.

If you are bringing items to the drop-off site that are free for disposal or recycling, like a couch or yard waste, you do not need to use the work order system.

You can find a list of items that require a recycling fee sticker on the Streets Division’s website or in the Recyclopedia.

Stickers will be mailed after you complete the work order for an item coming to the drop-off site that requires one.

Once you have the sticker, place it on the item that needs it and bring it to the drop-off site when they are open.

You do not need to reserve a date or time to come to the drop-off sites.

Can I purchase recycling fee stickers from libraries when they re-open?

Library staff can assist residents in making a purchase through the online work order system, but they will not have stickers available to purchase.

Can I purchase a recycling fee sticker in person from the Streets Division offices?
Currently, the Streets Division is not offering hand-to-hand transactions.

This service will return as pandemic-related restrictions continue to relax.

A separate announcement will be made when in-person sales at the Streets Division offices resumes.

Where can I get more information about the work order system?
The Streets Division has a website dedicated to answer questions about the work order system.

You can also contact our offices. If you live west of South Park Street, you should call 608-266-4681. If you live east of South Park Street, you should call 608-246-4532.


  • Bryan Johnson, 608-267-2626,
  • Streets Division - West Office, 608-266-4681
  • Streets Division - East Office, 608-246-4532