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Master Recycler Course will Return in 2022

Today, November 15, is America Recycles Day. It is a day to take a moment to appreciate and recommit to the easy daily activity of recycling correctly. It is also a day to celebrate our successes in all of our efforts to become better stewards of our environment.

One such success was the inaugural Master Recycler class held by Sustain Dane earlier this year.

The Master Recycler class taught over 500 Madison-area residents about how and why recycling works in our city. The program also asked them to complete an outreach project to help spread this knowledge to their friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors.

The completed outreach programs were varied and uniformly successful. They ranged from neighborhood social media postings and newsletter articles to a recycling game staged at a neighborhood festival.

Overall, their work taught over 44,000 residents of our community about how to recycle more and recycle right.

That is phenomenal.

The Streets Division would like thank all of the participants of the Master Recycler program, and we remain impressed with their outreach programs and the impact they had. It truly shows how much Madison residents care about our community and sustainability.

The Streets Division would also like to thank Sustain Dane for providing these classes and partnering with us to design this education effort.

And we are excited to continue the class again in 2022.

Want to be a Master Recycler?
You can sign up today to join the 2022 Master Recycling class.

Sustain Dane also has developed a valuable website where you can learn more about recycling better throughout Dane County. The website is

On this site, not only can you learn about the 7 Rs of waste reduction and see helpful recycling videos, you can sign up to join the 2022 Master Recycler class.

Additional Recycling Information
You can also get more information about the City of Madison’s recycling program at

The City of Madison has a variety of other resources available to help you recycle more and recycle right.

We have Recyclopedia booklets. They can be downloaded from our website, or picked up in person at our offices or Madison area public libraries. The booklets are now available in Spanish, Mandarin, and Hmong, too.

We have recycling magnets available for pickup at the Streets Division offices. And our recycling website has even more resources.

If you cannot make it to one of our offices, we will mail you a Recyclopedia and magnet upon request. We can also include a 2022 trash and recycling calendar with your mailing so you won’t miss a recycling day in the new year.

The Streets Division offices are located at 4602 Sycamore Ave on the east side and 1501 W. Badger Rd on the southwest side. By phone, Sycamore office can be reached at 608-246-4532 and the Badger office can be reached at 608-266-4681.