Final brush collection opportunities begin the first week of September

The Streets Division’s final curbside brush collection will soon get underway.

The final scheduled brush collection set-out date varies by neighborhood.   For some, the last set-out date for brush for this year is this upcoming Sunday, September 3. 2023.

Once the final curbside pickup occurs, there will not be another scheduled brush collection opportunity until the spring of 2024.

When is the final set out date for brush pickup at your home?
Learn when your final set-out date for brush collection by entering your address into the form at

Set your brush out to the curb on the Sunday shown on the website for your home.  Collection of the brush will occur during the work week following your set out Sunday.

How do I set out brush for pickup?
Brush should be between 18 inches and 8 feet in length, and no thicker than 8 inches in diameter. The cut ends should all face the same direction. You should also be sure to place brush away at least four feet away from obstructions such as terrace trees, street signs, utility poles, or fire hydrants.

You can read more about the brush rules on our website or by watching our brush video.

What happens if I miss the final set-out date for brush pickup?
If you miss their final curbside pickup opportunity for the year, you should take the brush to a Streets Division drop-off site.

Drop-off site hours and locations may be different than the last time you visited. Be sure you know them before loading your vehicle or trailer.

Why does brush collection wind down in September?  Why doesn't brush pickup go later into the year?
By ending brush pickup in September, this allows the Streets Division to have enough personnel available to provide three curbside leaf/yard waste collection opportunities in the fall months.  The fall leaf pickup lasts until the early part of December when Streets Division operators begin their snow and ice operations.  Brush collection cannot be guaranteed in the winter months because snow, of course, would bury any brush pile set out on the terrace and prevent collection.

Are brush and yard waste the same thing?
No. These are different materials with separate schedules, rules, and processing end points.

Brush is woody material you have cut from a tree, shrub, or bush that is chipped into wood mulch.

Yard waste is the leaves, weeds, and grass clippings that you rake or pull from your lawn or garden. This material is gathered and hauled to a local composter for processing.

Additional Information
More information about brush collection and the rules can be found at

Additional information about all Streets Division services can be found at or by consulting the Recyclopedia.

Paper copies of the Recyclopedia are available at the Madison Public Library near you, or they can be mailed to you upon request by contacting the Streets Division.


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  • Streets Division - East Office, 608-246-4532
  • Bryan Johnson (Recycling Coordinator), 608-267-2626,