Tuesday, March 3, 2020 - 3:26pm

City of Monona Press Release

Homburg Contractors will be closing Bridge Road at 9:00 a.m. this Wednesday, March 4 for the spring construction season. The road will be closed to all traffic between Inland Way and Lake Point Drive. At this time, two-way traffic will be allowed from Winnequah Road over the bridge to Inland Way. Two-way traffic will also be allowed between Broadway and Lake Point Drive, but Yahara Lane will be closed at Bridge Road. Access to the businesses and apartments in The Current building, the Avid Hotel, Grand Crossing Park, and Breakwater restaurant will remain via Broadway Avenue throughout the rest of the project, and it is recommended that motorists use the Broadway access since full closure of Bridge Road between Winnequah Road and Broadway is expected in the near future.

Reconstruction work on Bridge Road to replace the underground infrastructure, underground utility lines, install a new road bed, and reconstruct the bridge deck began last summer. With an early Halloween snowfall, temporary pavement was placed and the project was ended for the season. Now that the weather is warming and the frost is moving out of the ground, the temporary pavement is degrading rapidly, as expected, and will continue to degrade. Even though construction work cannot resume until April, road closure at this time is necessary to protect the road bed and prevent further damage. When construction work resumes, crews will finish work on the road bed, complete final grading and asphalt installation, install sidewalks, and complete pavement marking. The intersection of Winnequah Road and Bridge Road will also be reconstructed in this final phase of the project. As sections of the road are closed, they will remain closed until the project is finished, in approximately late May.


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