City of Madison Opens Process for Future Land Use Plan Amendments

The City of Madison is currently working on an Interim Update of its 2018 Imagine Madison Comprehensive Plan, which is a long-term vision for the future of Madison to help guide the growth and change Madison is experiencing. The Interim Update is focused on the Generalized Future Land Use (GFLU) map within the Comprehensive Plan. The GFLU map guides how and where Madison grows. The City is updating the GFLU map to reflect land use recommendations from neighborhood, area, and neighborhood development plans adopted between summer 2018 and summer 2023. In addition to these administrative updates, the public has an opportunity to propose amendments to the GFLU map.

The City Planning Division will accept GFLU amendment requests through August 6, 2023. It is preferred that requests be submitted online at We are looking to hear from residents, developers, neighborhood associations, and all other interested parties. Learn more by reviewing the frequently asked questions (FAQ) document.

Background on the Comprehensive Plan
The City’s Comprehensive Plan was adopted by the Common Council in 2018, after more than 18 months of public participation. The Plan was shaped by an extensive community engagement effort, called Imagine Madison, which included over 15,000 interactions with community members through a wide variety of methods.

Accommodating Madison’s growth is a focus of the Comprehensive Plan. In the five years since the Plan was adopted, Madison is growing even more quickly than anticipated. Recently updated population projections estimate Madison will grow by about 115,000 residents between 2020 and 2050.

The GFLU map applies the recommendations of the Comprehensive Plan in a geographic context, and recommends a pattern of future land uses and development intensities to guide the physical development of Madison. These categories guide what types of zoning can be applied, and ultimately what can be built in different parts of the city.