Having partnered with the City of Madison for years to help low-to-moderate income families affordably rehabilitate their homes, Project Home is excited to lead the way in supporting even more residents make both minor and major home repairs.

In addition to continuing its Minor Home Repair Program for services like window replacements, leaky faucet repairs, and ramp installations, Project Home will also take over the Major Home Repair Program formerly administered and still funded by the City’s Community Development Division. This program has helped rehabilitate more than 2,000 homes and the City is pleased to continue providing funding for these programs in 2023 through Project Home.

The Major Home Repair Program, previously known as the Deferred Payment Loan Program, continues to be a non-interest bearing loan for income-eligible homeowners and includes repairs like roofing, siding, HVAC plumbing, and more. Here’s how it works: For the homeowner, a mortgage will be signed and filed to secure the re-payment of the loan when the home is sold or no longer the homeowner’s main residence.

Through the program, Cecelia Banks, who lives on Madison’s north side, was able to put a new roof on her home. The roof was damaged during a wind storm and insurance did not cover a replacement.

“The City helped me with the necessary paperwork and an inspection and then put me in touch with Project Home who replaced my roof so quickly. They were all lifesavers. It was such a heavy burden lifted off my shoulders. I am so grateful,” said Banks

Meanwhile, the Minor Home Repair Program has two offerings for low-to-moderate income City of Madison residents – one specifically designed for homeowners who resided in the Town of Madison and are now City residents, and the other for eligible households in other areas of Madison. The Minor Home Repair Program offers low cost home repairs and accessibility upgrades to qualified residents. Eligibility for these programs depends on maximum gross income (see attachment), and some other requirements listed here for Minor Home Repairs and here for Major Home Repairs.

Project Home has been awarded more than $1 million dollars in federal Community Development Block Grants funds and will assist up to 144 homes on both major and minor home repairs. Photo attached to show how the City’s funding helped a homeowner living on Merry Street make exterior improvements so she could continue to live in her childhood home.


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