Rennebohm Park Tennis Courts Reconstruction

Last Updated: 07/26/2023

PROJECT UPDATE 7/26 - the courts are complete & open for play!

Proposed court repair schedule has been determined as follows:
Fence & net posts removed to allow for paving vehicle access 6/7 - COMPLETED
Asphalt removal 6/8 & 6/9 - COMPLETED
Re-grade of gravel base 6/9 - COMPLETED
New asphalt paving installation: week of 6/12 - COMPLETED
Fence re-installed wk of 6/26 - COMPLETED
Flood test 7/18 - COMPLETED
Courts sealed & striped late July* - COMPLETED
*NOTE: new asphalt pavement requires a 30-day cure time to allow oils to migrate away from the surface before the acrylic sport court surfacing products can be applied

a picture of the west tennis courts with incorrectly installed expansion joints
The expansion joints at the west tennis courts in May 2023 -these should have been be located at the netline and between the courts
Rennebohm Park West Tennis Courts in October 2022
Rennebohm Park west tennis courts just before the nets were installed in late 2022


Following demolition of the original (dating to 1976) west courts by Parks Construction staff, work by Contractor Wolf Paving Corporation to reconstruct the courts began in September 2022 and wrapped in late October of that year. While the majority of the court reconstruction work was completed in Fall 2002, the installation of expansion joints, crack filling & repair material to cover the joints and the application of the base and sport court surface products (and re-striping for both pickleball and tennis) were to be completed by the end of May 2023.  Unfortunately an error occurred during the installation of the expansion joints resulting in two joints being cut through the playing area on the courts.  Work to repair the issue is began in June 2023 and is anticipated to be completed in late July 2023.

The east set of courts is slated for demolition and reconstruction (to include the addition of court lighting, dual striping for tennis & pickleball and accessible path connections) in 2024 and is dependent on the capital budget submittal for the project to pass through Common Council.  Parks will have more information regarding the anticipated project start date and timeframe following the conclusion of budget deliberations in late 2023.


A community information meeting to discuss the project was held on March 10, 2022 online via Zoom.  At this meeting City staff presented information on the maintenance history of the courts, existing conditions and limiting factors and proposed reconstruction work and timeline.  Information from the session, including the presentation and a summary of the questions and answers (including those received prior to the session) can be found at the links, below.

Summary from the community input meeting:  Rennebohm Park Tennis Courts Reconstruction
March 10, 2022 at 6:00PM online via Zoom

Please note: the meeting was not recorded.

All questions and comments regarding this project should be directed to Project Manager Kate Kane at or (608) 261-9671

Photograph of the tennis courts taken in 2019
The west tennis courts at Rennebohm Park in 2019

The existing courts at the park were originally constructed in 1976 (west side) and 1981 (east side) and were rebuilt by mill & overlay in 1990.  Following the rebuilding, each set of courts has received, to date, six rounds of crack repair & resurfacing with diminishing returns following each round of repair.  The fencing at the courts is also in poor condition - and lacks accessibility features at the doorways.  Parks has received frequent requests over the years to improve the condition of the courts from user groups and individuals and included funding requests as part of its capital budget to fully rebuild the courts.