In March 2009, the Madison Common Council approved a change to the smoke alarm ordinance in the City of Madison. The changes are highlighted below:

All residential buildings within the City of Madison, with the exception of owner-occupied single-family homes, shall have smoke alarms in place which meet one of the following requirements:

  • Hardwired smoke alarm with a battery backup. Currently-installed hardwired smoke alarms with no battery backup shall be allowed to remain in service until such time as the device must be replaced in accordance with manufacturer instructions. Unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer, no smoke alarm shall remain in service longer than ten years.
  • Smoke alarm powered by a non-replaceable, non-removable battery capable of powering the alarm for a minimum of ten years.

All residential buildings within the City of Madison shall have smoke alarms installed in the following areas:

  • In each bedroom
  • In each sleeping area
  • Within six feet of each door leading to a bedroom or sleeping area of each unit
  • On each floor of the building

All owner-occupied single-family residences shall install smoke alarms that meet the criteria for this ordinance.

All smoke alarms installed shall be installed in accordance with all applicable state building codes and NFPA 72 (current edition).

The owner of any residential building shall replace the battery in hardwired smoke alarms that meet the criteria of this ordinance each time the lease is renewed or as recommended by the manufacturer, whichever time is shorter.

Fire safety education is required for all tenants. Upon each new lease, and at least once every 12 months for continuing tenants, the owner shall provided tenants with fire safety educational materials as provided by the Madison Fire Department.

Disclaimer: This merely highlights parts of the approved ordinance and does not cover it in its entirety.

The Madison Fire Department thanks you for your help in making the City of Madison a safer place to live.