Last Updated: 10/02/2023

Latest Update

October 02, 2023
The project progress slowed, but is now moving forward again. The design development phase will be complete at the end of October. The Parks Division would like to redesign the mechanical system to utilize a geothermal system. The project will likely bid in the first quarter of 2024.

Project Overview

This project consists of public engagement and the design and construction of an expansion to the existing Warner Park Community Recreation Center building located at 1625 Northport Drive, Madison, Wisconsin 53704. The building is located in Warner Park near Northport Drive and the Mallards Ballpark. Since the original construction, the need for community recreation and program areas have increased and the building requires an expansion of space. A Programming and Facility Study was completed in 2017 to develop programming needs and options for expansion. The study also documented the need for system upgrades, general performance improvements, accessibility and other health and safety compliance modifications, workspace updates, architectural upgrades, leased space improvements, and site improvements. Please visit City of Madison Park's project page "HERE" for more information about this project's history.  The current project will determine the expansion needs through a robust public engagement process. The public outreach will guide the design of the facility addition.

November 16, 2022 upate: Parks held a virtual public meeting to present the pre-design community input gathered over the last several months.  Public outreach consisted of an online survey (in English, Spanish and Hmong) open through October 31, 2022, and a series of virtual stakeholder meetings. The findings from the survey and the stakeholder discussions were presented at a public meeting on November 14, 2022.  The presentation slides are available here: Warner Park Community Recreation Center Expansion Project Virtual PIM #1 Meeting Presentation Slides.  The next community meeting is anticipated during the project's schematic design phase.

February 01, 2023 update:Engberg Anderson Architects is working with city staff to develop an expansion project that addresses the Center’s multiple needs identified during the public engagement process. The team has worked through the Pre Design phase and completed the Pre Design Report which documents the public engagement feedback, the values and goals statements, the analysis of data and needs, the design direction, and the anticipated project schedule.  The Pre Design Report can be found here: WPCRC Expansion Pre-Design FINAL Report and Appendix. The team is starting on the Schematic Design phase which will develop the building massing, floor plan, and scope of interior changes.

May 01, 2023 update: Engberg Anderson Architects and city staff have completed the Schematic Design phase and are moving into the Design Development phase. The team has completed the Schematic Design report which documents the data analysis and feedback used to develop various design options and the ultimate design direction for the expansion project. The Schematic Design Report can be found here: WPCRC Expansion Schematic Design Report and Appendix.

July 05, 2023 update: The project is being reviewed by Focus on Energy and the City’s Commissioning Consultant to ensure that sustainable energy efficient systems are being planned for the expansion project. Engberg Anderson Architects and city staff will complete the Design Development phase in September and then move to the Construction Documents phase. Bidding will likely occur in January.

Project Schedule

City User Agency: City of Madison Parks

Project Status: In Design

A/E Consultant RFP Advertisement: May 05, 2022
A/E Consultant RFP Due Date: June 02, 2022

RFP documents can be found on VendorNet and DemandStar
"All information regarding dates/times/locations are informational and should be verified with the RFP documents"

Planning and Design: September 2022 - April 2023

Construction and Bid Doc Preparation: April 2023 - August 2023
1st Advertisement of Bid: January 2024 available only on VendorNet and Demand Star
Pre-Bid Project Tour: TBD
Bid Due Date: TBD
Construction Start Date: April 2024
Expected Completion Date: April 2025

Public Involvement

There are a number of points of contact during this project where the public is encouraged to give feedback as part of public information meetings and public hearings. Dates, times and locations will be indicated below as this project progresses.

Public Information Meetings

March 27, 2023 Public Information Meeting #2 Presentation Slides
Nov. 14, 2022  Public Information Meeting #1 Meeting Presentation Slides

City Process Meetings

Apr. 26, 2023 Urban Design Commission File #76911

July 20, 2021 Board of Public Works File #72262
Authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to enter into a contract for Purchase of Services (Architect) with Engberg Anderson Architects, Inc. to provide professional architectural and engineering consultant design services and construction administrative services for the existing Warner Park Community Recreation Center building located at 1625 Northport Drive

In the News

April 03, 2023 Wisconsin State Journal
Madison moving to expand bustling Warner Park Community Recreation Center