Last Updated: 07/13/2023

Project Update

7/13/2023 Update:
The City of Madison Forestry Division will be installing a single spongy moth pheromone trap provided by the University of Toronto in the next few days within the greenway located at 5399 Regent Street.

Project Overview

The City of Madison is participating in a genetic study of spongy moths conducted by the James Lab at the University of Toronto. A single spongy moth pheromone trap will be installed on an existing tree within the known infestation area located at 5399 Regent Street. This trap will not cause damage to the tree.This type of trap is not used for mass removal, but is used to collect species as part of scientific research and monitoring. Engineering and Forestry are in the process of determining spongy moth impacts in this area and next steps.

For information specific to the culvert installation on Regent Street, please visit:

For general questions regarding spongy moth, please contact City of Madison Urban Forestry, 608-266-4816,