Last Updated: 08/29/2023

Project Update

8/29/2023 Update:
Construction on the culvert will begin this week. 

Project Overview

The stormwater pipes (culverts) that go under the road to connect the Kenosha Greenway to the downstream greenway are in bad condition and need to be replaced.

City crews plan to replace the culvert this summer.

The culvert will connect the greenways on the north and south side of Regent Street, so there will be minor grading work at each end of the greenway.

Project Limits

This project will take place on Regent Street between North Kenosha Dr and South Kenosha Dr.

Regent project location
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Project Schedule

The culvert will be replaced in the summer of 2023.

Public Information Meetings

June 28, 2023 Public Information Meeting Recording

June 28, 2023 Public Information Meeting PowerPoint Presentation


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